Testimonials are an extremely important part of my life. It gives me push and motivates me to do  better and helps me to improve if I am going wrong.
I would like to thank you all for the support and guidance.
  1. Zomara Anthony
    Bidyut Sir is a very good teacher for music. My daughter picked up the piano well, in very little time.
  2. Michelle Charles
    Urban raga has an amazing environment for kids and adults to learn music and enhance their skills. The teachers are well experienced, super talented and friendly. Concerts and recitals are held regularly for students to develop skills in performance as well as build their confidence and identify individual artistries and strengths. Learning at Urban Raga will bring out the best in your child as the various curriculum followed is tailored to suit the students strengths and abilities.
  3. Viswa
    Urban Raga is one of the finest Musical school which I have seen in Bangalore. Bidyut sir is very dedicated in teaching music to each and every student. He personally sit with each student gives attention on how he/she performing day by day. Personally, when I am part of this family I thoroughly enjoyed the music and learned. I recommend Urban Raga is the destination to fulfill your dream in Music. Bidyut sir is one of the finest person whom I connected with him like a best Friend. All the best to you and your school sir.👍👍👍
  4. Anirban
    My First Piano Teacher. Awesome teacher and immense knowledge on western classical music. According to my knowledge he knows to play piano, keyboard, tabla, guitar. He might know other instruments also beyond my knowledge. Moreover, he is THE BEST PIANO TEACHER..
  5. Hari Prasad
    Urban Raga is one of the finest music schools I can say. I have visited few schools before I joined Urban Raga. I was really convinced here. I liked the approach of teachers here. I was really amazed by their way of teaching. In one year, I can almost play any Bollywood song on guitar. It's just because of the exercises they gave and the recitals they conducted. It's not only just teaching music here, but also they fine tune your skills. The quality which I found here, made me continue for the next levels. And finally about Bidyut.... Besides musician, He is an amazing human being. He teaches you in a very practical way. I was really fascinated by seeing him. Finally.. about the ambience....it is the perfect ambience for the musicians. Thank you Bidyut sir, and Urban Raga.
  6. Gargi (Daksh's Mom)
    Hi its an honour for my son to be associated with Urban Raga & MR Bidyut the founder of the school .He is a music teacher who encourages the best out you. Mr Bidyut have been one of the most dedicated teacher I have ever met in my life.I would like to thank him for all his dedication and effort
  7. Aparna T (Mother of Aditya Tekumalla)
    My son has been going to Urban Raga for years now...Bidyut and his teachers have always taken time to help my son . Bidyut is ready to answer all your questions with a smile on his face.