Established in 2008 by Bidyut Chakrabarty. The school has four centers in Bangalore and is considered to be the most well reputed for its musical education in the region. It has students of all age groups and from all walks of life. It teaches a range of musical subjects from, keyboard, piano, guitar, western vocal, Indian instruments, Indian vocals, and much more.
OUR STANDARDS - expert instruction

​We work with only the best, degreed music instructors, many of whom play for Bands and orchestras or perform with traditional groups. Background checks are conducted on all teachers.
Instructors teach all ages and skill levels from raw beginners to experienced piano players that want to bring their performance to a higher level.

The school has its own Studio for recording purposes to encouraging students to show their talents to the world. The school is led by enthusiastic and highly proficient team of teachers. The school has several Stage performances, workshops around the four centers and round the year. Urban Raga is a school, beating its own standards and barriers to bring excellence in this field.
Urban Raga Team

Our teachers are Qualified, Professional performers and Musicians who love to play music. After the in- structor, everything else is secondary. 
Bidyut Chakrabarty
Founder of an organization name Urban Raga, a contemporary school of music, specializes in teaching Piano, Keyboard, and Guitar, Drums, Tabla, Vocal and various other instruments.
Bidyut teaching an expanding student base. As a teacher, he's in high demand due to his personable approach and technical skills. He wants his student to be proud of who they are and what they can accomplish by making their own identity in the field of music.
Benry Moses
Benry Moses one of our experienced and popular Guitar teacher of our school and he is a creative performer with 8 years professional experience. Ben is a versatile guitarist in-depth knowledge of theory as well as practical. He  prepares students for music grade exams and  have a 100% pass rate with distinction or merit.
Sian K
He is our founder member of our school, Sian is a highly accomplished teacher, performer and session guitarist with 15 years of playing experience.  Born talented whose enthusiastic approach motivates his students to success and perform.  His thorough knowledge and clear teaching style ensures the development of all his students. Sian is an experienced, versatile guitarist knowledge in all genre Flamenco, Metal and Rock. 
His students always note his obvious dedication and his ability to make seemingly complex styles accessible to beginners.
Benny Khing
She is an enthusiastic teacher and musician who has Grades in music education in Bangalore. She provides a thorough Musical grounding, with fun engaging activity with her kind nature. Very good with Childrens
She has patient and enthusiastic approach. She says her goal is to develop musicians, not mere mimics, each with their own unique heart, soul, mind, and musical gifts. With each student I endeavor to instill a love for the piano and/or voice and for music in general to last a lifetime. I do my best to make sure every student has complete confidence in themselves and their musical abilities.
Kiranmai was introduced to carnartic vocal music by her guru Smt Vadlamani Subhadra during 1995 at Temple Alwal, Secunderabad.. Kiranmai showed special liking towards carnartic vocal music and within 2 years of learning she started performing Kacheri's. Till 2007 , she was performing Kacheri's across Secunderabad. 
During 2008, she moved to Bangalore and started teaching music at DRDO township, CV Raman Nagar. She had the privilege to sing before the then Defence Minister , Mr. AK Antony during one of DRDO inauguration ceremonies. 
With singing experience of over 15 years and teaching experience of over 9 years , Kiranmai has been associated with Urban Raga since the year 2016.She proficiently trained her students to perform at Urban Raga's musical concerts. 
Her great love ,passion ,hard work,sincerity and dedication towards music got her to this level where she is able to utilize her comprehensive teaching experience/knowledge and guide her students to love and become proficient with art of music.
Sanjukta Bhatta
Sanjukta Bhatta got interest in music from her childhood as she grew up in a family full of musical culture in a Subarub city of Calcutta. Encouraged by her mother she started taking her lesson at the age of 5years in vocal music from her Aunt who was a famous vocal singer in her locality. She used to participate in all community functions and was always a star performer in the various musical functions held by school and community. 
Her hard work , love for music and bonding with her students has enabled all her students to secure Distinction in the last years Vocal Music examination held under Chadigargh Board.
Rang is  one of our most experienced and versatile Piano and western vocal teacher of our school and he is a creative performer. He is a Music Graduate with 7 years professional experience. Rang has  in-depth knowledge of theory as well as practical. He  prepares students for music grade exams and  performances.
Johnson R
Johnson is a Violinist and Guitarist, and a very talented teacher in both of these fields.  Nearly 20 years teaching experience from Beginner to advanced levels. He is confident in teaching students of all ages and flexible in meeting students needs.
He also has experience in Music Production as well as good knowledge of Music theory .